SelfCare Focus: a selection of newly published papers on self-care from the worldwide literature. 1. The power of the patient question: A secret shopper study

In this section, we will provide a brief summary and a link to the published abstract of newly published papers selected from the worldwide literature as being of particular interest to the SelfCare community.

The power of the patient question: A secret shopper study

By: Peters J, Desai K, Ricci D, Chen D, Singh M, Chewning B.

Patient Education and Counseling. Sep;99(9):1526-33.

Summary: The aim was to examine the effect of one standardized patient question on the length, number and type of new topics pharmacists addressed relative to 2 types of OTC medicines. At the end of select encounters, secret shoppers asked one standard question¬† ‘What else should I know before taking this product?’ The length of encounter was significantly associated with patients asking the question (p < 0.05), but not type of OTC medication. On average 1.2 new topics were discussed with a patient question. New topics included information about safe and efficacious use of the OTCs.




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