Comment on the Self Quantifier paper - your views invited

The publication of the opinion paper ‘The Self-Quantification Movement – Implications For Health Care Professionals‘ by Rajiv Mehta is unusual for an academic medical journal, in that it presents no new data and does not review publications from the standard medical literature. Furthermore it presents the ideas and attitudes of a consumer movement -‘self quantification’ – that many Health Care Professionals will view with skepticism or even alarm.  Nonetheless consumers increasingly consult sources of health information outside of conventional medicine and have access to sophisticated tools for measuring their own bodily functions. Increasingly, they may use such information autonomously in a form of self care that may circumvent, or even be in conflict with, conventional medicine.  For this reason we believe it is important for HCPs to be aware of such movements and to understand the motivations at work within them. Engaging with individuals that have such an intense interest in their own health may be difficult but ultimately rewarding for both sides.
We would be interested to receive your views on this subject, letters for publication should be sent by email to: editor@selfcarejournal.com.