SelfCare Focus: a selection of newly published papers on self-care from the worldwide literature. 2. Prenatal paracetamol exposure and child neurodevelopment: A review.

Prenatal paracetamol exposure and child neurodevelopment: A review.

By: Bauer AZ, Kriebel D, Herbert MR, Bornehag C-G, Swan SH.

Hormones and Behavior 2018; 101: 125-147.

Summary: Recent studies suggest a possible association between APAP use in pregnancy and offspring neurodevelopment. For this review, out of 64 studies retrieved, 9 prospective cohort studies fulfilled all inclusion criteria. All included studies suggested an association between prenatal APAP exposure and the neurodevelopmental outcomes; ADHD, ASD, or lower IQ. Longer duration of APAP use was associated with increased risk. Associations were strongest for hyperactivity and attention-related outcomes. Together, it was concluded these 9 studies suggest an increased risk of adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes following prenatal APAP exposure. Given the current findings, pregnant women should be cautioned against indiscriminate use of APAP. These results have substantial public health implications.




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