SelfCare Focus: a selection of newly published papers on self-care from the worldwide literature. 4. Use of herbal medicines: Pilot survey of UK users’ views

Use of herbal medicines: Pilot survey of UK users’ views

By: Zahn R, Perry N, Perry E, Mukaetova-Ladinska EB.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2019; 44: 83-90.

Summary: A survey was conducted on user views on obtaining information on herbal medicines and their experiences and opinions about their use. Responses over a one-year period were analysed. 157 participants took part (87% aged 45-64 y, 13% > 65 y). 80% of participants used medicinal plants for multiple health benefits — health protection (74%), disease prevention (38%) and treatment (49%]. Information regarding medicinal plants was predominantly based on books (57%), the internet (53%), friends, colleagues or neighbours (51%) and health practitioners (42%). 51% of participants felt herbs were safe (51%) with less side effects (55%) than pharmaceutical medicines. 24% of medicinal plant users informed their medical doctor, with majority of informed medical professional (47%) accepting the use of medicinal plants.


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