SelfCare is dedicated to improving the evidence base for self-care, including self-medication. If your company is sponsoring a seminar, symposium, or round-table discussion of evidence on one of your consumer products, you can now make the proceedings available in a peer reviewed publication. SelfCare will publish suitable proceedings, subject to peer review, as a supplement to the journal. Such supplements can be made available free online for your HCP customers, and provided as bound reprints for your commercial use.

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Statement of Standards for supplement publication:

SelfCare publishes supplements in order to allow extensive coverage of a particular aspect of self-care. The subject matter should be appropriately targeted to the intended readership of the journal. The content should be balanced, and not promotional in nature, in order to avoid compromising the impartiality of the journal.

Supplements must contain material of a sufficient quality to strengthen the evidence base for consumer- and patient-led health.

All observations, results and conclusions should be evidence-based and capable of substantiation either through new data accompanied by adequate description of methodology and analysis and/or by reference to well designed studies published in peer reviewed journals.

All supplement content will be peer-reviewed and subject to editorial scrutiny. SelfCare will maintain full editorial control over the published content.

Financial support for supplements must be clearly declared (see instructions to authors), in addition to standard declarations of interest from the authors of the content.

SelfCare owns the copyright to all published supplement material. Copyright transfer agreements must be signed by all authors and the sponsoring organisation (if any).

SelfCare is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)